Poner en evidencia a los irresponsables


No one would have imagined how hard the current pandemic generated by Covid19 is hitting us. But what is most outrageous in this situation is the irresponsibility of some people, who must be exposed for their lack of respect for the rest of society.

Nobody likes having to wear a mask all day on their face, or having to keep safe distances to interact with others. Even less not being able to meet with friends or family if they exceed 6 people … Not to mention the enormous and incalculable economic losses that all this is causing for hundreds of thousands of citizens and families around the world.

Trabajo invisible

Invisible work is not always valued

In the relationship between Agency and Client there are aspects that the latter does not always appreciate, or rather, of which he is probably not aware. These aspects, which translate into many hours of dedication and work, are sometimes difficult to justify and translate into economic value.


Planned obsolescence: who is to blame?

The planned obsolescence is to determine the end of a product life. After a period of use determined by the manufacturer, the product stops working correctly or is damaged, so you have to buy another new one to replace it. Whether it is due to technological advances, induced by advertising and marketing or to reduce the useful life of products and thus sell more, it is a phenomenon traditionally the industry was to blame. But … just the industry? READ MORE

Comunicación sesgada

Biased Communication. A Question of Perspective

Should communication convey pure and direct information? Should a point of view be reserved for opinion articles, which establish the position of that journalist on a particular topic?

Surely it should be so, but everyone knows that no news is neutral, impartial. The attachment to certain values, ideals, beliefs, the style of the journalist and the Media on which he or she works determines the inclination that the content will have when expressed. And even further: the manipulation (in the least pejorative sense of the term) of the contents allows to emphasize some and minimize others, so that the interpretation of the recipient of the news can utterly vary.