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consultoría en marketing y comunicación
consultoría en marketing y comunicación
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The various marketing tools, properly applied (“accurate“) according to the type of customer, allow us to gain their trust and loyalty.

The marketing disciplines we address include:

-. Marketing 2.0: the customer is the new owner of the brand. First, we need to listen to him, and then communicate with him through a fluent conversation. Especially in the online media, we seek appropriate platforms to each project to find the direct communication with the target of interest.


-. Direct marketing (BTL): offering the consumer products or services in a customized manner jointly with actions at the point of sale and e-mail, with the aim to reach quick and directly these customers and get their feedback (less impact but higher quality). Usually, a multichannel approach achieves synergies among the various actions and materials used. Being interactive, it allows to save data, segment, give awards, etc. It is a very interesting way to strengthen the campaign running in other more general or conventional media.


-. Retail marketing: the “point of sale” material (POS) is critical in consumer products and services, bringing them closer to the end customer in the most visible and attractive way, in order to improve sales and brand perception. We develop all types of furniture, exhibitors and displays, signage and posters, promotions and incentives, etc.


-. Cooperative Marketing: many companies need to establish closer ties with its distribution channel or a portion thereof. A specific marketing plan allowing the dealer to foster our brand over the competition will increase their loyalty towards our brand. Jointly with our client, we design plans to facilitate its relationship with the distributor and thus increase sales.


-. Loyalty tools: online and offline clubs for partners, sweepstakes, promotional activities…