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As the world gets smaller, the society becomes increasingly global. Customers are no longer only in our country, and so, we need to communicate in different languages. Moreover, language is the basis of our communication. Writing correctly and properly is not only essential to convey our messages in an accurate and unequivocal way, but to generate the desired impact. And this is a fundamental part of our image as a company and brand.

-. Text translation: we translate texts into and from different languages, especially Spanish, Catalan, English and French. For all types of texts and documents, both online and in print.

-. Spelling (orthotypographical) and style correction: by proofreading we correct spelling and punctuation errors, adjusting to the rules of the RAE (Real Academia de la Lengua Española, 2010), and unify criteria in the use of quotation marks, accents, abbreviations, etc. In copy-editing we eliminate errors and inaccuracies in vocabulary, increase the lexical richness and eliminate tags and lexical misuses, correct grammatical errors and adjust the text to language standards, solve syntactic inconsistencies (concordance, correlation tenses, prepositions, etc.), and give greater fluidity and adaptation to the text by choosing accurate and well worked syntactical resources, etc.

-. Creation of texts:  in other words, we can write. We generate texts from documentation provided by the client to complete catalogs, manuals, corporate information, etc .; we elaborate whole creative texts, starting from zero and under the premises of the client on a certain subject, being also in charge of searching and selecting the information to elaborate these texts.