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Diseño de piezas publicitarias, Planificación y contratación de Medios.
Diseño de piezas publicitarias, Planificación y contratación de Medios.
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If your product is not visible, your product does not exist. Advertising tries to increase the consumption of a product or service, introduce a new brand or product into the market, improve the image of a brand or reposition it in the consumer’s mind, through the insertion of advertisements in the media. Analyzing the consumer’ variables we can develop an appropriate message for each target audience.

-. Design of advertisements: we design ads to be inserted on both offline and online media. We revise them with our client to ensure they respond to its strategy of brand image or product image, and they are not just creative, remarkable and original.

-. Media Planning and buying: we optimize your advertising budget by analyzing the various on line and off line channels (TV, digital, radio, cinema, daily newspapers, magazines, outdoor advertising …) and formats (commercials, jingles, ads, banners, canopies, OPIs …) to provide a planning according to communication and advertising strategy. During the campaign we monitor the appearances and their impact, and end the campaign provide reports of the impact.