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Creamos y gestionamos la presencia de su empresa y marca en redes sociales (Facebook, Twitter, …). Adaptamos su imagen a estas plataformas, creamos estrategias y promociones para conseguir más seguidores y aumentar la fidelidad hacia su marca, para hablar de ella en las redes sociales y generar más ventas.
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Needless to say, not having presence on internet is like not existing for millions of consumers and users. Today a company must have at least a website where customers and potential customers can see what it does (i.e. to be socially responsible), says (i.e. provide useful and interesting contents), and offers (i.e. attractive products and services, different for some reason).

-. Create your customized web. We advise you on how to present content (text and images) to accurately reflect your brand image, presenting in a clear and friendly-user way your portfolio of products or services and other areas of information (online sales, contact, presence in the media, exclusive customer areas, etc.). And if you already have a website, we can renew and update it according to your marketing strategy.

-. Create and manage your company and brand image on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn …). We adapt its image to these platforms, we create strategies and promotions to get more followers and increase their loyalty to your brand, talking about it on social networks and generating more sales.