Our strengths:

  • Our experience of more than 20 years in multinational companies in both B2C and B2B sectors is an incomparable advantage: very few agencies know the vision of the company from within, something that is invaluable for our clients.
  • In comparison with other agencies that have a fixed structure and therefore higher costs which are transferred to the client, at ARQURATE we adjust the efforts and participation of our team of freelances and suppliers according to the complexity of the project.
  • We cover all phases from design and creativity to the production of materials, campaign management, negotiation with the media, etc. This flexibility allows for reasonable costs with effective results.

Together with our customer we study its company, the product / service portfolio, the competition, its sales channels, price structure, customer segments, etc. and everything that influences the brand image and product, understanding the values, culture and philosophy of the company to better achieve the objectives and meet the expectations of the company’s customers.

Then we identify possible areas for improvement and change, as well as the objectives to achieve the desired situation. And to cover this “gap” between the current situation and the desired, following our methodology of “The Letter to the Three Wise Men” we make a report and a proposal of work plan that combines various marketing and communication tools, in a synergistic way, with the purpose of moving from the current situation (point A) to that desired (point B) within a given period of time and monitoring the impact of the actions carried out.

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