Reyes Magos

As children, our parents told us we should write down in a letter addressed to the Three Wise Men of the East all the gifts we would like to receive from their generosity. Then our parents “filtered” and decided, depending on various factors (budget, fashions, education of children …), which of those gifts the Kings would bring us every January 6.


In the same way, at ARQURATE we invite our clients to write their Letter to the Three Wise Men, including everything they would like to improve on their business in all areas (to achieve what is pursued you have to dream big; if you dream small, you never come to anything).


From there, agency and client together we go for it and “land” each desire of the list, identifying the possible areas of improvement and change. Then we prioritize them based on a series of parameters and establish a strategic plan to achieve the goals set.


Again, as if it were a Letter to the Three Wise Men, this plan includes various marketing and communication actions that combine with each other on synergy, and together with the client we discuss and agree on what will be done and in what order according to its resources and the level of involvement that it can / will assume.