Events: keys to success

An event is one of the most striking ways that a company has to give visibility to its brand image, precisely because the recipients of that action live it in the first person, it is a vital experience. What happens in an event can be remembered for a long time by those attending it, as long as what happens in it is relevant, original and surprising enough to be “memorable“, that is, lasting in our memory. And for this to happen, the fundamental premise is that the event is as unique as possible.

The agencies specialized in events organization display all their creativity and imagination trying to find those activities/actions never seen before to generate a lasting impact on the attendees: famous people of all kinds, unusual and unexpected locations, caterings that mix alchemy and art, incredible decorations … But we must not forget that an event is a means, a marketing and communication tool that serves an aim: to sell. Image, products or services, but selling, after all. If the event does not have as a goal a direct benefit for the company that contracts it, it is not fulfilling its purpose.

The “leitmotiv”

The first thing that any agency should do is have a meeting with its client to get all the necessary information to put the talent of the imagination to work. The first step is to create the “leitmotiv“, the thread or story of the event that allows us to articulate all its phases. Then, we must identify all those concepts that we want to convey directly and subliminally, in order to prepare the messages in the different possible formats: texts, images, sounds … so that this set of elements responds to the “leitmotiv” and configures the experience that the attendees to the event will live in person.

From there, we work with these various elements in a way they give all together a consistency throughout the event. The place or venue where it will take place, the moment, day or night, outdoors, interior, the lighting, the sound, the sequence of interventions of the company’s staff, the performances of other characters that we can incorporate, the catering, the materials we can deliver during or at the end of the event… And in addition to consistency, we must look for the synergy of the whole that ensures a complete success.

And at that moment, when we have collected all this information and elements, we can focus everything towards singularity to achieve a unique experience.

The event does not start on D-day

The event has a before and after that can “extend” the experience around it and thus improve its efficiency from the point of view of the investment made by the company that wants to organize it. A few weeks/days before D-day the guests are invited creating an attractive expectation that will lead them to confirm their attendance. This preliminary phase is as important as the event itself, because if we do not get the guests we want, in number and relevance (specific people with decision-making capacity among our customers, shareholders, suppliers …) we will not be on the path to optimize the investment in dedicated time, effort and money.

The management of confirmations is crucial to ensure assistance. It is necessary to work well the guest list so that no one is “in limbo” and we obtain in all cases an affirmative answer or not, but a response, after all.

It is usually advisable to make a first invitation and a subsequent reminder to ensure that the guests have included that date in their agendas and they keep us in mind.

It is also very important to confirm the contact information of all of them, which will allow us to contact them to thank them for their assistance, to send them any material or small gift, if it is the case, and even to take advantage of and update our database.


The final touch comes days later

Every memorable event usually ends with a spectacular closing, like the icing on the cake that leaves an unforgettable flavor. A performance, a playful activity, a surprise on the part of the CEO or president of the company, some gifts when the guests are to leave… However, if a few days later the guests receive a personalized communication or a small detail of thanks for having accompanied us that day, we will ensure that the impact generated by the event extends beyond and the guests themselves become ambassadors of our brand, commenting with other people on the uniqueness of the event.

We can still go further if, days and weeks later, when we visit any of the guests with whom we have more confidence, we ask them how they liked it, what they preferred and what did not… in short, a valuable feedback that serves us as base to organize our next event and improve the weakest or least impacting aspects.

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