Foto Mktg Mix en entorno Omnichannel

Marketing mix management in the omnichannel environment

Speaking of “omnichannel environment” becomes a necessity since we have become “omnichannel consumers“. Our purchasing behavior has changed so that companies must react adapting to this new reality: users permanently connected by smartphones, tablets and computers to all kinds of apps, the internet, social networks, etc., both for leisure and to contact the companies and brands. We take into account the opinions of other users, we look for discounts, offers, comparisons, etc.

The concept of “omnichannel” responds to the need to integrate the various communication channels existing in the market so that the contents published in them are interrelated and potential customers can explore multiple ways of interacting with the brand.


Events: keys to success

An event is one of the most striking ways that a company has to give visibility to its brand image, precisely because the recipients of that action live it in the first person, it is a vital experience. What happens in an event can be remembered for a long time by those attending it, as long as what happens in it is relevant, original and surprising enough to be “memorable“, that is, lasting in our memory. And for this to happen, the fundamental premise is that the event is as unique as possible.


Why marketing scares SMEs

94% of Spanish companies are individual entrepreneurs (so-called “self-employed”) or micro-enterprises with 1 to 9 employees (data from the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness in February’17).

The vast majority of these companies do not have a defined structure with specialized areas or functions such as Commercial, Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, etc. Usually the entrepreneur agglutinates almost all the functions in itself (at most, he/she outsources the fiscal and accounting part and not much more).


In Marketing, two plus two are five

Today there is not a self-proud company that does not have its website and its profile in any of the best-known social networks. But often, neither the contents in these platforms are updated conveniently nor have the necessary relevance and interest to generate added value to the company, and therefore, to the brand that represents it.