Trabajo invisible

Invisible work is not always valued

In the relationship between Agency and Client there are aspects that the latter does not always appreciate, or rather, of which he is probably not aware. These aspects, which translate into many hours of dedication and work, are sometimes difficult to justify and translate into economic value.

When the Client asks for a project to the Agency, this one values ​​everything necessary to carry it out: economic and human resources, materials, travelling, collaboration with other suppliers or professionals, etc., and all this is reflected in a quotation to be considered by the Client.

Those difficult hours to include in the bill

Often the Agency’s work involves many hours which, bay all means, must appear on the invoice, but are not easily understood by the Client.

A good example is what happens with gadgets or merchandising items. The Client has an event and wants to give something different and special, something that surprises his guests (nowadays we all have everything). From there the Agency starts up doing everything at its reach to offer in record time (because usually the order is urgent) several proposals, with a unit price that includes the marking of the logo on the article (a whole in itself when we consider the print layouts, cost per color, marking or printing techniques, size and position of the marking …), manipulations, postage, etc., and obviously, the time and effort dedicated. And when the Client sees what the gadget costs him, the Moroccan souk session begins, with his bargains and others, which sometimes include a counterproposal of the Client himself with that same gadget that he has seen on the internet at half the price.

In another example, when you have to create a logo, there is a previous and complex work of gathering information (from the company itself, its objectives, from the competition, etc.), a time for generating ideas, another time to capture those ideas, draw, prepare sketches, work with colors and graphics, etc. And all that effort has to be condensed in a single figure.

It is important to explain the processes to our clients, so that they do not imagine that the briefing is passed to the designer and, as such, he/she makes some drawings or copies of the internet some logos and retouches them so that they do not look the same.

In the exclusive dedication lies the authentic value of the Agency

Marketing and communication agencies, advertising, public relations agencies, etc., have many clients or accounts, and each and every one requires a totally personal and individualized treatment, as it could not be otherwise.

This exclusive dedication, with time and people 100% involved in each Client project, represents the true value that the Agency offers to it, and, for this, should be the most valuable concept. Because during that time the Agency concentrates all its potential in resolving and assisting the Client in its needs in the best possible way and with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

That is why it is the agency’s job to inform, educate and raise awareness among our clients of the value and cost of this dedication.

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