Consumer drives conversation with brand

The consumer leads the conversation with the brand

In their relationship with the consumer, brands have always had the proactive role: they informed, in a unidirectional communication, and if there was dialogue, they were also the ones who initiated it.

However, now it is the consumer who leads the conversation with the brand. Certainly, brands propose, according to their objectives and what they think may be of consumer interest, different topics, but he/she is really the one that comments and gives value to those contents through the comments made about them, retweeting, recommending and nurturing the community with opinions that this one hear and appraise.


Is it worthy to invest on professional photography?

The sector of professional photography underwent a revolution with the incoming of digital cameras. These gave us many benefits as users, yet it became a problem to many companies: since then, any employee could take pictures with a camera that did everything, automatically adjusting all its values, and suddenly professional photographers were no longer needed.