Advertising that contributes to waste energy resources

It is sad to see that the ads of some brands go against the efforts to promote efficiency and energy savings. Two examples of this are in the Idealista ( and Aldi ( TV commercials.

Idealista ( shows a dressed girl who opens the shower tap (that is, without the intention to take a shower immediately) and then closes the toilet lid, while the shower drops the water abundantly.

In Aldi’s ( we see a man who gets up at midnight because he cannot sleep, opens his refrigerator, pulls out a yogurt and sits on the floor to eat it under the light of the refrigerator, with its door wide open.

Surely it is not difficult to find more examples of similar situations among the hundreds of commercials that are broadcast daily in all the TV channels, something very discouraging and frustrating that undermines the efforts of companies and professionals of all the areas that work for instilling in the society good habits for energy consumption in all its forms and a responsible and solidary attitude that results in benefits for the environment and lower costs for families.

Advertising is such a powerful communication tool that it is able to convey contents and concepts that get fixed in our minds in a subliminal way. Obviously, the purpose of these ads is not to waste energy, but when resorting to these everyday situations, unconsciously these brands are consolidating bad habits by presenting them as usual and normal; maybe it is normal, but it does not mean it’s the right thing to do.

If there is an agency for the control of advertising, it should take these issues into account without hesitation.

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