Post 14 El planeta que queremos

The planet we want

How is the planet we want to live in?

If you have never thought about it, you have to know that, like it or not, in about 10 years, our planet will have changed a lot. The hot summers will be the rule, the ski resorts of the Pyrenees will have to close or reinvent, the rains will be even stronger and more violent, the fires will be much more frequent and in unsuspected places, as in the north of Europe.


Planned obsolescence: who is to blame?

The planned obsolescence is to determine the end of a product life. After a period of use determined by the manufacturer, the product stops working correctly or is damaged, so you have to buy another new one to replace it. Whether it is due to technological advances, induced by advertising and marketing or to reduce the useful life of products and thus sell more, it is a phenomenon traditionally the industry was to blame. But … just the industry? READ MORE