Poner en evidencia a los irresponsables


No one would have imagined how hard the current pandemic generated by Covid19 is hitting us. But what is most outrageous in this situation is the irresponsibility of some people, who must be exposed for their lack of respect for the rest of society.

Nobody likes having to wear a mask all day on their face, or having to keep safe distances to interact with others. Even less not being able to meet with friends or family if they exceed 6 people … Not to mention the enormous and incalculable economic losses that all this is causing for hundreds of thousands of citizens and families around the world.

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What factors rank better in Google?

You have a great website, you have spent a lot of time and effort on it … so that no one can see it?

The visibility of your company is key (if your website is not well positioned, it does not exist). Therefore, you want to appear in the top positions of Google, the most used search engine in our country. Between 60% and 80% of the clicks of the visits to the webs come from the search engines. In addition, few users go beyond the results that appear between the first and the second page.

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Trabajo invisible

Invisible work is not always valued

In the relationship between Agency and Client there are aspects that the latter does not always appreciate, or rather, of which he is probably not aware. These aspects, which translate into many hours of dedication and work, are sometimes difficult to justify and translate into economic value.

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Post 14 El planeta que queremos

The planet we want

How is the planet we want to live in?

If you have never thought about it, you have to know that, like it or not, in about 10 years, our planet will have changed a lot. The hot summers will be the rule, the ski resorts of the Pyrenees will have to close or reinvent, the rains will be even stronger and more violent, the fires will be much more frequent and in unsuspected places, as in the north of Europe.


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Foto Mktg Mix en entorno Omnichannel

Marketing mix management in the omnichannel environment

Speaking of “omnichannel environment” becomes a necessity since we have become “omnichannel consumers“. Our purchasing behavior has changed so that companies must react adapting to this new reality: users permanently connected by smartphones, tablets and computers to all kinds of apps, the internet, social networks, etc., both for leisure and to contact the companies and brands. We take into account the opinions of other users, we look for discounts, offers, comparisons, etc.

The concept of “omnichannel” responds to the need to integrate the various communication channels existing in the market so that the contents published in them are interrelated and potential customers can explore multiple ways of interacting with the brand.


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expensive advertising

Advertising is very expensive when not effective

We are in a society saturated with advertising messages, where it is increasingly difficult to surprise and attract users to consume a certain product or service, not to mention the difficulty of creating loyalty to a brand.

The agencies strive to try to create original and surprising ads, because that is what the client (the company) expects to see. In this exercise, some agencies, especially renowned ones, become only worry about making advertisements that are mere creative pirouettes with no other purpose than competing in the Cannes Lions Festival or the Clio Awards, forgetting that their real objective is to answer to the need of their client to position its brand or promote its products/services to increase its sales, that is, maximize the return of its investment.

If investing in advertising is already expensive for a company, doing it so for the glory of the agency and not selling more, is a bad business.


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digital disintermediation

Digital disintermediation … or not?

It is a fact that the traditional value chain with several intermediaries between the manufacturer and the end user is changing thanks to the digital transformation. The technologies and tools have evolved and this has led to a change in the behavior of consumers that leads to the emergence of new markets and a new way for relationships.

Within this digitalization of sectors and markets, disintermediation is a real phenomenon and companies consider what approach they should adopt in order for their strategies to be as successful as with the “analog model”.

What is not so evident is that this digitization is leading to a real disintermediation. Perhaps the traditional intermediaries are disappearing, but it is not true that they are not replaced by others.


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Consumer drives conversation with brand

The consumer leads the conversation with the brand

In their relationship with the consumer, brands have always had the proactive role: they informed, in a unidirectional communication, and if there was dialogue, they were also the ones who initiated it.

However, now it is the consumer who leads the conversation with the brand. Certainly, brands propose, according to their objectives and what they think may be of consumer interest, different topics, but he/she is really the one that comments and gives value to those contents through the comments made about them, retweeting, recommending and nurturing the community with opinions that this one hear and appraise.


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